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Create and optimize your AI vision application.

Use AI to understand visual input from any camera or video file. Apply AI algorithms to detect people, objects, behavior, situations and much more. Visual Programming allows intuitive building and adapting.

Create Visual Editor

Create your AI vision solution,
no programming skills needed makes it simple to create a custom Computer Vision solution – directly in your Workspace. Visually combine and configure modules to build a high-performing AI vision application.

Library AI Algorithms

Choose from popular AI Algorithms or bring your own

We provide all the most powerful AI algorithms to detect people, objects, behavior, situations and much more. If that is not enough, developers can bring in their own custom trained algorithms.

Latest Deep Learning tools

We integrate with the most popular Deep Learning libraries out of the box. Hence, we provide powerful tools such as Tensorflow, OpenVino, etc.

Bring your own AI Algorithms

We provide a list of popular public AI vision algorithms to choose from. For developers, we provide tools to deploy, scale and operate custom AI Algorithms.

Process using GPU, CPU or VPU

Hardware used to perform inference impacts costing and performance of your solution. Use GPU, VPU or CPU based processing. Change the hardware on the fly.

dns Combine Modules

Modules for any camera type or computing device

Unlimited flexbility. Use either a physical camera or a video file to provide visual input. Mulitple IP or Ethernet cameras, as well as USB cameras can be used. All kind of computers or Edge devices can be used, including Intel NUC, Nvidia TX2, HP Servers.

Use all kind of cameras

Use IP cameras (Network or Ethernet cameras), USB Cameras or on-board cameras with an Edge device. Any kind of camera can be used to provide visual input.

Multiple cameras with one endpoint

You can process multiple IP or USB cameras with one Edge Device. The only limitation is how powerful the device is. You can always change the devices used.

Video files and images as visual input

For testing or even to build a custom solution, you can also use video files instead of physical cameras to provide visual input for your Computer Vision app.

Marketplace Marketplace

Load modules and applications from the marketplace

No need to re-invent the wheel. Load and customize complete applications to your workspace. You dont need to be a developer.

Top questions about Building with

Can I create my own modules?

Yes, we support Developers to bring in their own AI algorithms, tools and integrations. This allows to build advanced AI vision solutions.

Do I need to be a programmer?

No, we provide intuitive tools that dont require coding skills. No need to re-invent the wheel, we provide professional performance.

Is it really that easy?

Unexperienced users are able to load and customize fully working solutions. More advanced users can add custom code.