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          Viso Suite is the leading end-to-end computer vision infrastructure to build, deploy, and scale AI vision dramatically faster and better.

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Case Study

Datwyler Unlocked Massive Value in Construction with Viso Suite’s Enterprise Computer Vision Infrastructure ​

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Viso.ai demonstrates exceptional flexibility […]. Viso Suite has been instrumental in helping us automate processes and simplify the development of video analytics, which has opened up new possibilities in video analysis.

Pascal Walther
Head of IT Solution Engineering

Customer Background

Datwyler IT Infra AG provides comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions driving business digitalization efforts. With expertise in data center planning, network solutions, and smart buildings, Datwyler is uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of the digital era. Notably, its focus on edge data center solutions emphasizes its commitment to data processing optimization, especially for managed services and the seamless integration of data across various platforms, from machine to edge to cloud.

However, Datwyler together with the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group faced a challenge from their Q-tainer project, which aimed to implement advanced video analysis in detailed construction environments. The project required a solution that could ensure efficient and cost-effective data collection and analysis and address the unique complexities of construction settings. As such, the Q-tainer Alliance needed to develop a tailored solution meeting the specific requirements of the industry while leveraging its expertise in IT infrastructure and data processing.

The Business Need

Before the introduction of Viso Suite, Datwyler and Rhomberg encountered several challenges. Numerous processes at construction sites relied on analog and manual methods, resulting in inefficient and error-prone data collection.

Additionally, a variety of sensors and data sources, such as construction machinery, weather stations, and access controls, generated data that could not be effectively consolidated or utilized. The Q-tainer Alliance needed to develop a solution that would result in greater transparency, stronger insights, and improved automation efforts. While pushing for greater efficiency, they identified the goal of realizing a minimum of 0.5% in cost savings across the board in occupational safety, construction site security, and logistics.


Traditional construction site operations are inefficient, expensive, and error-prone.

  • Worksite safety concerns
  • Operational inefficiency
  • Ineffective use of data


With Viso Suite, Datwyler and Rhomberg implemented a real-time, site management and tracking solution on the Q-tainer project, achieving between 0.5%-1.0% in cost savings across the board.

datwyler use case computer vision construction

The Solution

Viso Suite offers a robust, end-to-end infrastructure tailored for the development of custom computer vision applications, specifically designed to address the unique demands of the construction industry.
By seamlessly integrating into existing ecosystems, Viso Suite is a central analytics tool for video streams, ensuring efficient and effective worksite monitoring. With a network of devices, including cameras, sensors, and microphones, alongside Campus 5G solutions, the Q-tainer Alliance achieves worksite monitoring with real-time notifications, including emails and SMS messages, triggered upon detection of non-ideal conditions.
Through the analysis of video, weather, and noise data, Viso Suite enables functionalities such as vehicle tracking, personal protective equipment (PPE) monitoring, and incident identification, contributing to enhanced worksite security and operational efficiency.
By adopting Viso Suite, Datwyler and Rhomberg gain access to the most secure, comprehensive, and flexible end-to-end computer vision infrastructure available, ensuring continuous improvement and facilitating the reuse, maintenance, and updating of AI models and applications in the future.

Working with the Viso team, especially with Nico and Gerard, is extremely rewarding and dynamic. It is impressive how the team always approaches challenges in a solution-orientated and constructive way, both in business and technical matters. Despite occasional challenges arising from our specific requirements, Viso.ai demonstrates exceptional flexibility and constructiveness in dealing with problems.

This partnership is not only enjoyable but also productive. Viso Suite has been instrumental in helping us automate processes and simplify the development of video analytics, which has opened up new possibilities in video analysis.

Pascal Walther
Head of IT Solution Engineering

Business Results

The customer gained:
  • Improved employee productivity and minimized manual monitoring efforts
  • Enhanced worksite safety through optimization measures
  • Real-time, data-driven insights into worksite operations
  • Seamless integration without disruption to existing systems
  • Lowered overall operational costs
  • Establishing a competitive edge as a technology-driven industry front-runner
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