deploy Deploy

Scale your AI vision application without limits.

Start small and scale at the click of a button. Deploy the Computer Vision Solution to Edge Devices or Cloud. Manage the deployment at scale, with multiple 1000 deployments. Monitor the status of the deployment centrally. Version control allows constantly improving and testing, roll-back at any time.

Create Edge Devices

Scale easily, distribute to a large number of endpoints

Use the endpoint management to distribute your applications on Edge Device or the Cloud. Scale your AI vision application to a high number of Edge Computers. is hardware-agnostic, you can use all kind of computers with a vision input – either one or multiple cameras or a video file.

Bring your own devices (BYOD)

All kind of computing devices can be used.
Viso Suide Device Management is truly BYOD, making it easy to re-use existing server computers or latest hardware.

Deploy in no time

Deploy a solution at the click of a button and the vision application is pushed to the devices instantly. The Device Managment allows to quickly distribute updates.

Deploy using different devices

Future-proof flexibility: Viso Suite allows to change the devices used. Existing solutions can be re-deployed to always use the most recent Hardware.

Create Cloud Monitoring

Deployment management and monitoring in one place

See the current status of the deployed applications in your workspace. Control and manage everything in one place.

Create Version Control

Version Control for continuous improvement and roll-back

Unlimited flexbility when it comes to further test and improve existing solutions. Test multiple versions in parallel and compare results, quickly roll-back to previous versions.

Top questions about deploying with Viso Suite

Can I use Edge and Cloud Computing?

Yes, we support both deploying a solution to distributed Edge devices as well as into the cloud. Edge Computing enables resilient, mission cricital applications.

Can I change the device of a solution?

Yes, existing solutions can be deployed to different devices and environments at the times. This allows to adapt over time and make use of latest hardware.

How scalable is

We provide tools to deploy and monitor very large solutions with well over 10’000 devices. Hence, you can start off small, we offer all tools to grow.