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We make AI vision universally accessible and useful. is a fast growing software startup enabling businesses around the world make computers see. We build tools that help to build, deploy, operate and manage AI vision applications.

With customers in multiple industries and a team of 20 visos, we are building the next generation of visual AI technology software. We believe that AI vision has the potential to disrupt industries and change the world – by empowering people, automation, and radical innovation.

Investor FAQs

What does do? is the platform that enables businesses to make computers see. We provide an integrated suite of software tools to build, deploy and operate visual AI applications, powered by the platform. We offer a low-code environment for people with minimal technical knowledge. We provide developers with a powerful environment to leverage their software tools and scale visual AI. We are the only industry-agnostic, hardware-agnostic, high-performing and scalable platform for Edge Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Where is headquartered?

We were incorporated and registered in Switzerland in December 2017 as a company limited by shares with the name AG.
Our registered office is located at Zurich Area, Schaffhausen, Mühlentalsträsschen 11, Switzerland.

How do I invest in AG is a Switzerland based company limited by shares. We are looking for investors who share our vision.
If you are interested in investing in, please reach out to our business team.

When was founded? was founded in December 2017 and grew to a team of 20 visos in 2020.

When's fiscal year end?’s fiscal year ends December 31.


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