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Manage your workspace securely and easy.

The Admin console provides all you need in one place. Easily add users, manage devices, and configure settings and security so your data stays safe. Customize the look and feel.

Create Data Security

Advanced Data Security Management

Centralized administration makes setup and management easy and fast. Use cloud-authentication to manage users and access to data. Protect your workspace with security analytics and multiple security tools.

Library Access Management

User Access Security and Transparency

Manage User roles, groups, and permissions across the workspace. Use security scopes and data regions to manage access to securable information and data.

access System Security

Centralized Logging and Audit Reporting

Monitor your company’s use and get alerts about suspicious activity. Audit capabilities give you a record of changes so you can pinpoint exactly what you need.

Customization Customization

Customize the Experience

Customize the appearance of your workspace. Set up structures like groups, roles and scopes to meet the demands of your organization. Change the theme and look.

Businesses use visual Artificial Intelligence with to disrupt their industries.

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Top questions about Managing with

Where do I find the Admin Panel?

As an Administrator, you find the Admin Panel in your Workspace Menu. The workspace owner can always access the Admin Panel.

What are user accounts?

User accounts give people a name and password for signing in. You can invite multiple users at once to join the workspace.

What are Scopes?

Scopes are used to define custom security policies for your workspace and restrict access to data and users. No restrictions, suitable for all organizations.