apps Operate

Manage actionable insights from your AI vision applications in real-time.

Gather data from your AI vision Solution in one place. See real-time analytics, charts and tables in your dashboard. Automatically deliver relevant information to the right people. Notify people about events.

Create Insight Dashboard

See the analytics of your AI solutions in one place

Track insights from your deployed Computer Vision applications. Analyze trends and data across your solutions. Customize charts, maps, tables and other visualizations.

Library Schedule Reports

Schedule reports and distribute Information to others

Make your data useful and provide it at the right time to the right people. Automatically send reports with insights. Track progress and identify changes over time.

dns Notifications and Alerts

Notifications to track important events efficiently

Notifications keep you updated with real-time message notifications. Centrally manage automatic notifications for specific events based on your AI solution. Use Email, SMS or Push Messages to keep everyone engaged with what happens.

Businesses use visual Artificial Intelligence with to disrupt their industries.

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Marketplace Integrations

Leverage the data of your solution with third party systems

Integrate the data of you AI vision solution with other Systems to multiply the value of your insights. Unlimited possibilities integrating your system with other databases, CRM systems or cloud storage.

Top questions about Operating with

Can I migrate an existing AI vision solution to

Yes, we provide all the tools necessary to integrate custom software as modules that can be run on

How do I get started with

Explore templates for inspiration on how to build a powerful AI vision solution. Load complete solutions to your workspace and customize it or start from scratch.

How can I access my dashboard?

You find your dashboard and all tools you need to operate your Computer Vision solution in your cloud workspace. Manage access and share relevant data.