We're making it possible for any business to build Computer Vision.

Since day one, we've built our business to deliver real value and grow based on user demand. At viso.ai, we aim to build the best platform that empowers our users to create and scale powerful Computer Vision applications without writing code.

“The ease of use and the extendable concept of Viso Suite is unique. It's a quintessential Swiss product.”

Russel, AI Engineer at ReTech

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Innovation Leaders build Computer Vision with Viso Suite

Swiss Post (Logistics), Large scale object recognition and person detection system

Object Detection in Farming

Automated farming startup (Agriculture), Livestock monitoring

viso suite retail

Chocolate manufacturer (Retail), Customer analytics and people counting

Pose Estimation with a video stream applied to a yoga pose

Institute for orthopaedics (Healthcare), Gait analysis and human pose estimation

Innovation Leaders build Computer Vision with Viso Suite

The Viso Story

We enable businesses to power human-level
AI vision systems better and faster

Beginnings. Back in 2017, the founders Gaudenz and Nico started their first business, specialized in smart video systems. In 2019, the computer vision company viso.ai was founded. Together with an international team of 13 engineers and AI experts, we battle-tested the platform with over 25 commercial Computer Vision systems to make sure it is truly scalable and extendable.

Growth. Today, we offer Viso Suite, an automated no-code Computer Vision platform – to deliver entire Computer Vision Projects dramatically faster. We are fortunate to partner with some of the best technology companies in the world, including Intel, HPE, DXC and NVIDIA. Viso.ai remained an independent company, delivering real value to businesses of all sizes, from large multinational enterprises to startups.

Launched in 2019

The deep tech company viso.ai AG is incorporated in Switzerland.

Deep Industry Expertise

We power the most-read Computer Vision technology Blog worldwide.

You are in good company

We partner with the world's leading AI technology and service companies.

Next-Gen Tech

Viso Suite is the most powerful no-code platform for Computer Vision

Viso.ai is a technology company that builds next-gen infrastructure for visual AI applications. We’ve built a low-code / no-code AI vision platform to dramatically simplify Computer Vision.

“Usually, it’s a hassle to get the video, where to store it, running the AI model, and using the data – resulting in a repository of code that may not be reusable. Viso Suite makes it simple to create the pipeline using pre-built modules with an intuitive visual programming interface.”

Mihai, Software Developer at Stefanini Group
Industry trends

Deep Learning and Edge AI drive Computer Vision

Despite visual AI being the most disruptive AI technology, most businesses don’t have access to power human-level AI vision. Technical complexity, fragmented tools, and a shortage of engineers are constraining the impact of visual AI.

Especially as Edge AI moves machine learning from the cloud to the edge running AI tasks on-device where the data is generated. Edge Computer Vision enables robust and scalable real-time applications.

Removing the barriers to access AI vision helps to start new businesses and expedites growth and innovation for existing companies across many industries.

Leading Industry Expertise

We power the most-read Computer Vision Blog worldwide

All-in-one platform to build Computer Vision 10x faster, implement any solution with automated tools.

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