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What is Viso Suite

Viso Suite offers a complete Software Suite for Visual AI in a cloud workspace. Everything you need to deliver AI vision applications in one place. Use AI vision low-code development, device management and deployment infrastructure, and application analytics. Deliver an AI vision solution managing a fleet of edge devices with cameras that can “see” and identify objects.

Are applications built on Viso Suite scalable

Applications built on Viso Suite are built to auto-scale. The back-end infrastructure seamlessly scales as business demand grows. Enroll a large fleet of distributed Edge devices that are connected to a camera. Migrate applications to latest-gen hardware and software.

What can I do with visual AI

AI trains computers with cameras to “see” and understand the visual world around them. With Computer Vision and Deep Learning, you can implement real-time Object Detection, People Tracking, Human Pose Estimation and much more. See what you can do with Computer Vision Software.

What are the benefits of Viso Suite

The most powerful way to deliver Computer Vision projects. We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your business application, not your infrastructure. Use low-code AI vision development for 10x faster innovation cycles. Scale from proof of concept to a high-scale network of connected devices with cameras. “Future-proof”, unlimited flexibility with modules to integrate the latest hardware and software.

Learn more about us

Meet, Swiss software company and inventor of low-code AI vision technology. We’ve built an all-in-one software platform to dramatically simplify visual AI and make it accessible to businesses. works with some of the world’s most influential companies to innovate with computer vision and visual deep learning. From medicine and livestock farming, to disaster response and transportation, our products help businesses of all size to advance through the power of visual AI. Want to become a viso? Find your role and view jobs.

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