All-in-One Platform
for Visual AI Applications

Businesses of all sizes — from startups to large enterprises — use Viso Suite to create, deploy and manage Visual AI Applications.

Everything you need for Visual AI Applications

We provide seamlessly integrated tools for AI vision that work out-of-the-box so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating functionalities.

Build AI Vision Applications

Use visual programming, powerful code offered as drag-and-drop modules, automate workflows.

Deploy Applications to Devices

Add and manage thousands of Edge Devices, deploy updates easily. Brick-safe integrated End-to-End security.

Manage and Analyze your Data

Visualize and filter business relevant data in multi-device dashboards. Everything in real-time.

Build AI Vision Applications faster

Low-code environment making it easier to build and update complex AI vision Applications. Whether you are an AI Expert or just getting started, use modular building-blocks and model automated workflows.

Deploy your Applications at Scale

With Viso Suite, you can automatically enroll multiple Edge devices connected to a digital camera. With Viso Suite, you can use any computer or server with any digital camera. Release and deploy your applications at the push of a button.

Analyze data of your Applications

Viso helps to gather insights from your deployed applications. Build custom BI dashboards with charts and filters. Fully managed database connectors, data storage and real-time synchronization. 

Reducing Complexity of Visual AI

We work with integrating AI algorithms, Software and Hardware so businesses who run on Viso don’t have to.

Device Management
Database Connector
BI Analytics
Deep Learning
Serving Containers
Multi Streaming
Open CV
Computer Vision
Business Analytics
Data Storage
Version Control
Server Infrastructure
Edge Computing
Rule Engine
Visual Programming
Third-party integrations
Roles & permissions
VPU Computing
Update Management
Local Configuration
Camera Integration
People Detection
Container Architecture
User Management
Open Pose
Fleet Monitoring
GPU Computing
Developer Support
Auto Scaling
Custom Dashboards
Visual Streams
IP Cameras
Intelligent Edge
AI Processing
Object Detection
UI Customization
Pre-trained AI Models
Frame Pre-Processing
Device Health
Remote updates
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Why Viso Suite

Whether you’re a seasoned AI expert, or just getting started, Viso Suite unlocks the power of visual AI. We’ve solved the hard problems so you can focus on your business application, not your infrastructure.

10x faster Innovation

Shorten your development cycles to weeks instead of years. Move from MVP to Production fast.

High-scale solutions

Use AI Vision in large use-cases. Deploy to thousands of devices. Collect analytics in the cloud.

Everything in one place

All you need in one Suite. No need for fragmented tools that are hard to integrate and scale.

Endless possibilities

Simply exchange modules to update Software or Hardware. Don't invest in legacy systems.

Low-code, visual tools

Visual drag-and-drop Editor, with low-code/no-code tools. Seamlessly integrated.

Usage-based pricing

Pricing based on usage and flexible plans to support maximum cost efficiency.