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          Viso Suite is the most advanced no-code computer vision platform to build, deploy and scale your applications. It is trusted by leading Fortune Global companies.

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Viso Suite
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Table of Contents

The Viso Suite Platform brings together people with ideas and the people that have the technical skill to execute on them to deliver and operate disruptive computer vision applications.

Application Lifecycle

Viso is the only high-productivity computer vision platform for low-code app development that provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and services for managing the entire app lifecycle.

  • Train: Collect video data by recording videos securely. Use the integrated enterprise image annotation environment to create a dataset to train a custom deep learning algorithm – or use pre-trained AI models that work out of the box.
  • Build: Understand how the platform enables teams to build quickly with visual development tools and reuse dynamic application components and AI models. Create your custom computer vision application with modular building blocks and a visual drag-and-drop editor. Wire together hardware and software to build intuitive workflows that are easy to update. Build your app once, deploy it anywhere, use any hardware and migrate seamlessly to newer hardware.
  • Deploy: Use a fully integrated device management to automatically enroll and manage a large fleet of connected edge devices. Manage version releases easily and deploy applications with one click. Monitor devices individually with real-time metrics, automated health checks, and remote debugging tools.
  • Monitor: Gather real-time metrics from distributed applications in one place, with built-in data connectors. Create custom dashboards with best-in-class tools and chart flexible chart widgets.
  • Manage: Learn how Viso provides DevOps tools out of the box for CI/CD, test automation, and monitoring, among other services. Invite users to join and collaborate. Manage AI models, extensions, applications, and data securely in one place. Organize user access with custom roles and detailed permissions.

Application Capabilities

Viso is the only high-productivity computer vision platform for low-code app development that provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and services for managing the entire app lifecycle.

  • Modular building blocks: Put the latest AI models and deep learning frameworks to use while building amazing applications with any hardware.
  • Data management: The Viso Platform empowers you to manage your application’s data storage, optimize your data queries, and handle data security.
  • Integration: Viso Suite provides integration with machine learning frameworks, AI hardware, pre-trained AI models, external clouds, and much more.

Enterprise Capabilities

The enterprise capabilities of Viso are powered by the platform’s cloud-native and stateless architecture, which supports a variety of deployment options.

  • Architecture: Driven by Viso’s value principles of speed, collaboration, and control, our platform enables scalability, performance, and high availability.
  • Openness & extensibility: Viso apps can be extended with reusable components as well as custom code.
  • Security: Viso is built with a focus on privacy and security for all cloud architecture and applications built to run on the edge.

Avoid Integration Challenges

Viso Suite is based on best-in-class tools and technologies that have been highly optimized and work out of the box. When you choose Viso, you avoid additional tools and infrastructure costs. Viso Suite provides the following capabilities:

  • Cloud storage, runtime, databases
  • Container management
  • Device management (MDM)
  • Version manager and source control
  • Data storage management
  • Development IDE/Editor
  • Hardware compatibility
  • IoT communication, AIoT messaging
  • Automated DevOps tools and pipelines
  • Image Annotation environment
  • Deployment pipelines
  • Dependency management
  • Security, Encryption
  • User Authentication
  • Remote Access, Debugging

What Computer Vision Tasks Can Viso Suite Be Used For?

Most computer vision systems are based on a combination of different techniques. Viso Suite provides extensive no-code and low-code capabilities to combine image recognition methods, traditional image processing, and deep neural networks.

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