Viso Suite in Retail

Computer Vision in retail to digitize the point of sale

Use Viso Suite to create your custom Computer Vision applications for retail businesses. Use Deep Learning with camera streams to analyze and track the customer experience across all locations. Ensure privacy with on-device processing capabilities.

Dynamic filter and charts for vision dashboards
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Create your Deep Learning applications in retail

Capture and track customer activity, optimize the customer experience, save operating costs and increase sales with AI vision Analytics. Digitize locations of your entire offline store, shop, supermarket or restaurant operations. 

Use the visual programming editor of Viso Suite to create your own AI vision applications.

Deep Learning Object Detection
People Counting

Count the number of visitors that pass a specific area or enter a location. Fully anonymously, and at high accuracy.

Deep Learning Pose Estimation
Footfall Analytics

Automatically track the path of people over time. Analyze the footfall at the POS of multiple locations.

Area Detection Computer Vision in Retail
Deploy to all locations

Scale your retail AI vision application to connect all locations

Roll-out and scale your Computer Vision solution across all your retail locations – nationwide or worldwide. Connect multiple stores, shops, facilities, store houses with your solution. 

Use the built-in Device Management of Viso Suite to enroll and manage edge servers and computing devices that are connected to cameras. Re-use and integrate IP camera systems with your computer vision application.


Analyze your business KPIs in custom dashboards

Use Computer Vision to gather business specific metrics from all your retail locations such as customer counting, distribution across areas, customer footfall, people flow, waiting time and much more.

Use Viso Suite to create custom dashboards to monitor metrics that were automatically gathered from all your remote locations.

Viso Suite Dashboard Metrics

Business benefits of Computer Vision in retail with Viso Suite

We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your retail deep learning business application, not your infrastructure.


Viso Suite is hardware-independent. Balance power and performance to achieve high performance at lower costs.


Keep user data private by performing all inferences locally and on-device. You decide when data is stored or transferred.


Start with a template, customize it to make it yours. Create interactive dashboards and share them with your team.

High scale

Start with a Proof of Concept and scale your solution to connect and integrate multiple locations, stores, facilities.

All-in-one platform to build Computer Vision 10x faster, implement any solution with automated tools.

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