Viso Suite for Agriculture Businesses

Computer Vision in Agriculture to digitize operations

Use Viso Suite to power Computer Vision in agriculture and farming use cases. Build AI vision applications to detect livestock, track animal movement or behavior across multiple locations.

Low-code development for Computer Vision
Build APP

Create Computer Vision Applications in Agriculture

Use Deep Learning to automatically analyze livestock with cameras. Track animal movement, behavior and condition automatically,  without physically impacting the animal. Early detect infectious diseases and other threats to livestock health. Innovate, save costs and increase productivity of farms

Use the visual programming editor of Viso Suite to create high performing AI vision applications.

Animal Detection with Computer Vision for Agriculture
Animal Detection

Detect all kinds of animals, cattle, sheep, swine, and other with visual Deep Learning. Implement if-this-then rules to trigger actions.

Animal Activity Tracking with Computer Vision
Animal Movements

Automatically track the path of animals to determine their helth and wellbeing. Analyze livestock behavior  across multiple locations.

Deep Learning Farming Object Detection Use Case
Computer Vision in Animal Monitoring
Deploy to all locations

Connect All Your Locations With Autonomous Computer Vision

Deploy your AI vision application to numerous edge servers that are connected to cameras. Scale your Computer Vision solution across all your locations – nationwide or worldwide. To scale agriculture computer vision solutions, connect multiple farms and facilities to your system. Roll out app updates at the push of a button with the integrated Device and Deployment tools of Viso Suite.

You can use computing devices with all kinds of cameras, modern camera systems can be integrated.


Analyze AI Vision App Metrics in Cloud Dashboards

Set up conditional rules to send relevant metrics from the edge devices to the cloud. For example, you can visualize the metrics of a remote livestock analysis system. Use Viso Suite to create real-time dashboards with charts to visualize and analyze the metrics. Start off with a proof of concept and optimize the application as you go.

Viso Suite Dashboard Metrics

Business Benefits of Viso Suite for Computer Vision in Agriculture

We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your business application, not your infrastructure.


Mission critical on-device AI vision applications operate fully autonomously. Even with temporary connectivity interruptions.


Viso Suite is hardware-independent. Balance power and performance to achieve high performance at lower costs.


Start with a template, customize it to make it yours. Create interactive dashboards and share them with your team.

High scale

Start with a Proof of Concept and scale your solution to connect and integrate multiple locations, stores, facilities.

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