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Case Study

A Multinational Oil Company Saved Millions of Dollars with Viso Suite

viso suite case study for oil and gas
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Reduction in probability of site accidents

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Reduction in yearly legal fees

Customer Background

A subsidiary of a major European oil company faced significant safety challenges in its operations across multiple locations globally. With more than 300 employees in high-risk environments, the company grappled with the alarming rate of work-related accidents. According to INRS, the drilling industry risk profile posed even higher accident rates, exacerbating the need for proactive safety measures.

The financial implications of workplace accidents were staggering, with costs ranging from €300 to €31,000 per incident, escalating to over €420,000 in cases of permanent disability or death. Furthermore, the indirect costs, including loss of productivity, legal fees, and damage to reputation, added substantial financial burdens to the company. Additionally, the company was subject to strict governmental oversight, with heavy financial penalties if they were not compliant with regulatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) measures.

The Business Need

The oil company needed to implement a robust solution for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection amidst heightened legal and regulatory costs resulting from inadequate adherence to safety procedures. Safety compliance was paramount, with the company grappling with the consequences of workplace accidents, including escalating legal fees, regulatory fines, and reputational damage.

In looking for this solution, the company aimed to proactively address safety concerns, minimize the risk of accidents, and mitigate the financial and operational impacts associated with non-compliance. Additionally, the solution needed to be scalable, allowing for future expansion to more locations and adaptation to evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards.


The company needed to know if employees
followed PPE-wearing guidelines. In their country
of operation, oil companies are subject to
government oversight of employee safety. Failed
safety reports can result in heavy fines and

  • Bad company reputation
  • Loss of revenue
  • Increased legal costs

The company introduced automated PPE detection and alerts, resulting in effective avoidance of serious accidents, high legal costs, and bad reputation.

person detection oil and gas industry

The Solution

The oil company implemented the Viso Suite computer vision infrastructure for real-time and robust PPE detection solution across all of its drilling operations. Through advanced image processing algorithms and strategically placed cameras, the system automatically monitors employee compliance with safety gear, enhancing safety protocols and reducing accident risks. Viso Suite infrastructure is also hardware agnostic, easily integrating into the company’s existing tech stack, underscoring its scalability and versatility.

This proactive approach not only minimizes direct costs associated with accidents but also mitigates indirect costs, including productivity loss and reputation damage. Moreover, the company plans to extend this solution to over 2000 group companies, underscoring its commitment to safety and innovation while ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability. By leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technology, the company demonstrates its dedication to providing a safe work environment and reinforcing its position as an industry leader in safety excellence.

Business Results

The customer gained:
  • 100% compliance with regulatory measures
  • Real-time data-driven insights
  • Improved workspace safety
  • Increased annual savings on legal fees
  • Application scalability to all locations
  • Improved industry reputation
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