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          Viso Suite is the leading end-to-end computer vision infrastructure to build, deploy, and scale AI vision dramatically faster and better.

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Case Study

Leveraging AI Vision in Crowd Control With Viso Suite’s Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Viso Suite infrastructure for crowd control, safety, and customer satisfaction
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Decrease in accidents and safety hazards

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Reduction in average wait times and congestion

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Increase in attendance at following events

Customer Background

Viso Suite was built to meet the needs of governmental bodies and organizations dedicated to overseeing and facilitating major events in dense urban locations. The organization’s responsibilities include managing logistics and safety protocols for events attended by hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Tasked with crowd control and emergency responses, the organization needs high-performance AI vision technologies for real-time crowd monitoring and predictive analytics as part of a broader technology strategy.

The Business Need

The existing systems and methods are inadequate for precisely assessing crowd density, or flow rate. Legacy techniques are not suitable to identify safety hazards like falls or individuals moving in opposite directions. The use of on-site inspectors for manual observation is error-prone, slow, and inflexible, posing difficulties in efficient crowd management and potential safety risks due to slow or insufficient reaction.

To improve event safety measures, the organization requires a customized solution: precise real-time crowd density calculation, monitoring of crowd flow rates to anticipate and address traffic congestion, detection of falls for immediate assistance, and identification of individuals navigating against designated traffic flow or accessing restricted areas.


The manual monitoring of crowd flow rates and the inability to track attendee movement pose significant crowd safety risks.

  • Increased the risk of accidents and safety hazards for millions of participants
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Reputation and trust concerns stemming from event safety

Viso Suite allows for the implementation of AI real-time crowd management with a powerful infrastructure for custom-built applications.

crowd management and control with viso suite computer vision infrastructure

The Solution

Viso Suite provides a robust, end-to-end solution for training AI models and building custom computer vision applications that meet requirements for crowd monitoring. It connects any IP camera to perform real-time video analysis, accurately assessing crowd density, tracking movement patterns, and flagging anomalies that pose potential hazards.

Using pre-built connectors, the organization can securely integrate its network of hundreds of cameras to ensure comprehensive venue coverage and enable real-time crowd monitoring with instant notifications. This includes the integration of third-party systems like email alerts or mobile application notifications.

By using Viso Suite, the organization employs the most secure, robust, and flexible end-to-end computer vision infrastructure on the market, making it possible to continuously improve, reuse all AI models and applications, and maintain and update them in the years to come.

Business Results

The customer gained:
  • Enhanced safety and security through proactive crowd management
  • Increased attendee satisfaction through smoother navigation, reduced waiting times
  • Higher adherence to safety regulations and guidelines
  • Data-driven insights facilitate decision-making
  • Cost reductions from automation and minimizing financial losses from incidents
  • Future readiness and technological agility allow for continuous improvements
One unified infrastructure to build deploy scale secure computer vision applications

Enterprise infrastructure you need to deliver computer vision systems faster, operate at large scale, and with maximum security.

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