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Case Study

Ensuring 100% Compliance for Casinos with Viso Suite Infrastructure

casino computer vision case study with viso suite occupancy monitoring
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Increase in staff productivity

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Compliance with regulatory guidelines

Customer Background

The casino, spanning over 100,000 square feet, stands as a leading entertainment destination with a rich history and a global reputation for hosting large-scale events. Offering over 50 poker tables, 600 gaming machines, and 5 restaurants, alongside luxurious accommodations, it caters to a diverse clientele. Embracing innovation, the casino employs cutting-edge technology, like Viso Suite, to streamline operations and ensure compliance with regulatory standards in crowd management.

To achieve this, these resorts require advanced AI vision technologies equipped with real-time occupancy monitoring and predictive analytics. The Viso Suite infrastructure provides these capabilities, seamlessly integrating into the resort’s broader technology strategy to improve operational efficiency and ensure optimal utilization of their facilities.

The Business Need

The casino’s reliance on manual crowd-counting methods presented several limitations, including the potential for human error and inaccuracies, especially during large events. This manual crowd-counting method proved to be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring dedicated staff resources.

In their transformation, the casino required a flexible computer vision solution capable of providing real-time crowd-counting functionality with high accuracy. Specifically, the casino aimed to automate the counting process to eliminate human error and ensure compliance with capacity limits during large events. Additionally, they desired a system that could seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure and offered intuitive monitoring and reporting features for enhanced operational oversight.


Manual crowd-counting and capacity measurement required significant time and effort, representing a process highly susceptible to human error.

  • Regulatory non-compliance risk
  • Operational inefficiency due to labor
  • Reputation damage from inaccuracy

With Viso Suite, the casino implemented a real-time, automated crowd-counting application, eliminating human error while complying with regulatory guidelines.

occupancy detection computer vision viso suite case study for casinos

The Solution

The computer vision application developed for the casino was tailored to address the specific challenges inherent to its environment, offering precise real-time crowd-counting capabilities. Leveraging advanced computer vision models, the system detected and tallied individuals entering and exiting the premises, producing an accurate representation of visitor flow dynamics. It was fine-tuned to focus on the casino’s single point of entry and exit, enabling targeted monitoring and efficient management of crowd movements.

In line with regulatory requirements and operational needs, the application was equipped to enforce capacity limits, alerting staff when crowd levels approached or exceeded the designated threshold of 5000 people. To enhance reliability, the system implemented error-minimization strategies, accounting for factors like fluctuating lighting conditions and varying crowd densities. Most importantly, Viso Suite was integrated into the casino’s existing IP cameras and its Video Management System (VMS), emphasizing its scalability and adaptability to evolving operational demands.

Business Results

The customer gained:

  • Improved employee productivity and reduced time invested in crowd-counting
  • Ongoing compliance with capacity limits, ensuring long-term operations and reputation
  • Data-driven customer insights in real-time
  • Zero impact on existing systems
  • Reduced total cost of operations
  • A competitive advantage as a tech-forward industry leader
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