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          Viso Suite is the leading end-to-end computer vision infrastructure to build, deploy, and scale AI vision dramatically faster and better.

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Case Study

Reducing Construction Worksite Accidents by 30% With Viso Suite

construction workplace safety detection with viso suite computer vision infrastructure
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Decrease in workplace accidents

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Manual inspection hours saved annually

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Increase in worker productivity

Customer Background

Established in 1990, this global construction firm has grown to employ more than 1000 staff members. The company is recognized for its innovative approach to critical infrastructure and defense projects, specializing in asset remediation & corrosion mitigation solutions. It is headquartered in a major metropolitan area, with regional offices across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and operations extending worldwide. With a commitment to innovation, the company invests in ongoing research into advanced corrosion detection techniques and sustainable construction practices emphasizing its position as an industry leader.

The Business Need

Existing systems lacked accuracy in detecting unsafe conditions and behaviors, especially in complex
environments like scaffolding structures and dark areas under bridges. Manual inspections were time-consuming and error-prone, prompting the need for a solution with advanced technology to improve safety and efficiency.

The construction company was seeking a solution with specific functionalities such as real-time detection of unsafe conditions on-site, monitoring of worker behaviors, and automated inspections for asset remediation purposes. It was essential for the solution to be able to integrate with workers’ bodycams in order to extend computer vision capabilities on-site.


Manual inspections for asset remediation were
time consuming and the construction company
lacked real-time monitoring capabilities.

  • Increased risk of workplace accidents
  • Reduced operational efficiency
  • Higher likelihood of regulatory non-compliance

Viso Suite provides real-time detection of unsafe
conditions and behaviors, automated inspections
for asset remediation, and monitoring of worker

construction computer vision solution

The Solution

The company used Viso Suite’s pre-trained AI models to develop custom computer vision solutions tailored to diverse work environments like construction sites, scaffolding structures, and buildings. These solutions offered real-time hazard detection, automated inspections, and activity monitoring, thus, boosting safety and efficiency on-site. Integrated with existing systems and bodycams, Viso Suite provided real-time alerts for Health and Safety breaches, streamlines operations, and fosters proactive safety measures. 

Looking ahead, the company plans a global deployment of Viso Suite to standardize safety protocols and operational processes company-wide, ensuring regulatory compliance and consistency. Furthermore, they aim to explore integrating Viso Suite with IoT sensors and predictive analytics, enhancing predictive maintenance capabilities and asset performance.

Business Results

The customer gained:
  • Immediate reduction in workplace accidents
  • Time and resource savings
  • Long-term fostering of a safety-first culture within the organization
  • Adherence to safety regulations and standards
  • Enhanced reputation as a safety-conscious and innovative leader in the industry
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