Computer Vision platform to power applications

Viso Suite is a cloud workspace with end-to-end tools to build, deploy and monitor real-time AI vision applications.

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Complete tech stack to power AI vision applications

Build AI vision applications. Deploy the apps to a fleet of edge devices with cameras to “see” and identify objects. Monitor your app metrics in dashboards. Manage everything in your organization’s cloud workspace and collaborate with your team.

  • Computer Vision
  • Visual Deep Learning
  • Low-Code Development
  • Edge Devices
  • Deployment Services
  • Device Management
  • App Metrics
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Charts & Filters
  • Cloud Workspace
  • Access Management
  • Security Settings

Build AI vision applications faster

The platform based low-code environment makes it much easier and faster to build and update AI vision Applications. Whether you are a Computer Vision expert or just getting started, use modular building-blocks. The platform already integrates all the popular open source Computer Vision software tools, so you don’t have to.

computer vision platform editor for visual programming
Platform to manage edge devices for AI inferencing

Deploy your applications at scale

The integrated device management allows to enroll and manage distributed Edge devices that are connected to a camera. Use any computer or edge server with any digital camera. Use the integrated platform tools deploy your AI vision applications to your fleet of connected edge devices – at the push of a button.

Monitor your application metrics

The AI vision platform Viso Suite helps you to gather insights and metrics from your deployed Computer Vision applications. Visualize and monitor custom AI vision application metrics in the cloud. Build custom BI dashboards with interactive charts and filters. The Viso Suite Computer Vision platform includes fully managed database connectors, data storage and real-time synchronization. 

Computer Vision Dashboard
AI vision platform cloud workspace

Manage everything from your cloud workspace

Manage your Viso Suite workspace for your organization. Organize applications in your workspace library. Invite your team members, collaborate and share data in the cloud. Configure security and settings so your data and applications stay safe.


What is Viso Suite

Viso Suite is an all-in-one platform for AI vision applications. The software suite provides businesses a cloud workspace for AI vision low-code development, device management and deployment infrastructure, and analytics monitoring. Manage a fleet of edge devices with cameras that can “see” and identify objects.

Deliver AI vision from idea to product

All applications built on the Viso Suite Platform can be scaled from one to thousands of endpoints. The infrastructure automatically scales as business demand grows. Integrated device management allows to enroll and manage distributed Edge devices that are connected to a camera.

What are the benefits of Viso Suite

With Viso Suite, businesses can make computers solve visual tasks better than humans, by analyzing video feeds in real-time, collect processed data, automate processes or workflows, analyze data in reports, collaborate with other users, and integrate with external applications. Viso Suite offers a cloud workspace for users to access data securely from anywhere, at any time.

Open Source integration

Viso Suite Platform is the most powerful way to use the best Open Source Computer Vision and AI inferencing tools as ready-to-use modules. We integrated for example OpenCV, Intel OpenVINO, Tensorflow, OpenPose and more.

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