Visual AI

Deliver Computer Vision and Deep Learning Software

Software to use Computer Vision with multiple camera streams for real-time Object Detection, People Tracking, Human Pose Estimation and much more. Build and deliver scalable Computer Vision applications with Viso Suite, from idea to production.

Build scalable Computer Vision solutions

Powerful infrastructure for real-time, on-device Computer Vision and Visual Deep Learning applications. Explore more Computer Vision Use Cases.

Deep Learning Object Detection

Object Detection

Draw a square around the location of various recognized objects in an image.

Deep Learning Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation

Estimate the poses of people in an image by identifying various body joints.

Image Segmentation

Image Segmentation

Identify various objects in an image and their location on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Object Detection

Detect, count and track objects or people in real-time

Object Detection is a computer vision technique to identify and locate objects in a video feed. Object Detection can be used to recognize and count objects and track their locations. Create Object Detection solutions with Viso Suite, based on a powerful AI vision platform.

Pose Estimation

Determine position, movement and orientation of a person

Pose estimation refers to AI vision techniques that detect and track human poses. The AI jointly detects human body, hand, facial and foot key-points. With Viso Suite, you can create and power Pose Estimation applications.

Image Classification

Deep Learning Neural Networks for Image Classification

Image classification is a supervised learning problem where a computer can analyze an image and identify the ‘class’ the image falls under. A class is essentially a label, for example ‘car’, ‘animal’, ‘building’ and so on. You can use popular pre-trained models or your own custom trained models. Use Viso Suite to deliver Deep Learning applications, from building to scaling across multiple locations.

Visit the Viso Blog to see more examples, guides and insights about Deep Learning.

Integrated tools

Viso Suite unifies the best open source Computer Vision tools

We provide seamlessly integrated tools for Computer Vision and Deep Vision that work out-of-the-box so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating functionalities.

For innovation managers

Use state-of-the-art Open Source Computer Vision algorithms, ML frameworks and latest Edge Hardware. All without integration costs and overhead at scale.

For developers

Use state-of-the-art Open Source Computer Vision algorithms, ML frameworks and latest Edge Hardware. All without integration costs and overhead at scale.

image segmentation example

Benefits of Viso Suite for your Computer Vision Projects

Viso Suite is the most powerful way to deliver next-gen, on-device deep learning vision technology​​.

Fast growing low-code platform

Everyone from a project manager to an IT professional can develop and deploy AI vision applications with little or no coding. Use intuitive visual builders, ready-to-use modules, application templates and built-in connectors to innovate fast.

End-to-end tools for on-device AI Vision

All the tools required to deliver an on-device AI Vision application: From application building to device management, deployment and data analytics dashboards. Use integrated tools to test new versions and scale your solutions.

Containerized software modules

Use fully integrated and read-to-use software as modules to create high-performing AI vision applications. We constantly add the latest, most powerful Open Source Software, Algorithms and Frameworks as modules to the Viso Suite platform.

Use Cross-platform hardware

Out-of-the box support for a wide range of Edge computing devices. Use GPU, CPU, VPU or TPU to process visuals. Migrate to different hardware platforms. We support cutting edge AI Hardware Accelerator Chips such as Intel NCS or Google Coral.

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