Ensuring full data privacy for computer vision with Viso Suite

Data privacy and private edge computer vision are at the core of Viso Suite. Build AI vision applications with full control over all data at any time.

Viso.ai provides Viso Suite, which is based on next-gen AI technologies for delivering private computer vision systems. Edge computing and on-device machine learning in real-time help meet the challenges of private vision analysis – today and in the future.

Edge AI

Leverage the Benefits of Edge AI for Computer Vision

Edge AI extends the cloud and promotes decentralized data-processing at the data source. This cutting-edge computing concept allows overcoming the limitations of pure cloud-based AI solutions.

Edge AI vision allows near real-time video processing without storing videos or requiring a human operator. This helps to avoid sending any video data to the cloud, thus protecting sensitive visuals. Due to the instant processing, significantly less and higher-quality data is generated.

Advantages of Edge AI Computer Vision
Edge Computing

Data Privacy Through Edge Computer Vision​

Edge Computing allows real-time and on-device machine learning. The real-time video AI processing helps to overcome the need to send all video to the cloud and analyze it there.

Since all images are processed locally, only anonymous metadata is sent to the cloud. The metadata is based on the custom application built with Viso Suite. Each application can be aligned with privacy and compliance requirements.

For example, in a computer vision counting application, the metadata would contain the number of counted objects with a timestamp. While applications can be built to include visuals, it is also possible to fully disable any video output.

Privacy Preserving Vision Analysis

Viso Suite allows building AI vision applications without any visual output or obfuscating visuals. This makes it possible to safely use visual data internally or externally.

Disable visual output
Run applications without any visual output

Anonymize faces
Automatic blurring of pedestrian faces

Anonymize license plates
Automatic blurring of vehicle license plates

Industry best practices for governance and privacy

Next-gen privacy capabilities are at the core of Viso Suite.

Access Management

Manage and track each user's access to all apps and data.

Full control and customization

Build your apps private by design, control all data.

Stay agile and compliant

Rapidly update apps to comply with new regulations.

End-to-end systems

No data leaves the system, avoid transferring operational data.

Privacy guidelines

Configure workspaces and model custom user roles.

GDPR compliancy

Build GDPR compliant computer vision systems.

"Viso Suite allows to take video streams, analyze them in a deep-learning model and draw insights in real-time at the edge, which results in real business impact."
Arkadiusz Hruszowiec
Intel Inc.
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