Platform Evaluation Guide

Picking the right computer vision platform is difficult. However, the following evaluation criteria will help you choose an enterprise-grade platform to build, deploy and scale your computer vision applications.

Viso Suite
Evaluation Guide
Viso Suite Overview

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end and no-code computer vision platform for teams to build, deploy and manage their AI vision applications dramatically faster, scalable, and future-proof.

Welcome to Viso

Learn about the background details on why was founded. Read about the biggest problems in AI vision and how Viso solved them.​

Application Lifecycle

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end  computer vision platform for low-code/no-code application development that provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and infrastructure for managing the entire application lifecycle.

Collect Data

Collect data for computer vision annotation with Viso Suite. Use collection tools to continuously gather training data using any camera enrolled in Viso Suite. Control and secure the entire process.

Annotate Data

Annotate image and video data with Viso Suite. Bring teams together to create high-quality data sets using a complete palette of labeling tools. Keep all data in the workspace and control access. 

Train & Manage Models

Manage AI models of all top frameworks to use them in applications. Choose from pre-trained deep learning models or import custom models. Use version control to manage AI model updates.

Develop Applications

Develop computer vision flows using the no-code editor. Create AI vision applications with modular building-blocks. Wire together cameras, AI models, image processing, and computing hardware.

Deploy Applications

Deploy computer vision applications at scale. Enroll and manage a fleet of edge devices safely, with the full device management. The entire cloud to edge deployment process is fully automated.

Connect Data

Connect deployed applications and devices. Video data is processed on-device, with private Edge AI processing. The integrated IoT Edge Gateway enables secure metrics collection in the cloud.

Monitor Data

Monitor events and metrics in the cloud. Viso Suite provides real-time analytics with time-series databases. Build custom BI dashboards and reports visualizing application metrics.

Maintain Applications

Maintain all applications and ensure continuous delivery. Detect issues early with capable diagnosis tools, system alerts, and automated health checks. Use built-in remote troubleshooting tools.

Secure Data

Secure and protect all data and applications. Unify all user access and authentication. Use Viso Zero Trust Security, active Edge Defender, high-security encryption and Edge communication.

Platform Capabilities

Viso Suite is a true end-to-end solution with built-in no-code and low-code tools in one workspace. Viso Suite is the fastest and easiest platform for building and continuously improving real-world computer vision applications to power AI-enabled innovation at scale. The no-code technology helps businesses to build and maintain enterprise grade computer vision

One Cloud Workspace

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision platform that provides an integrated set of tools and services for managing the entire AI vision application lifecycle.

No-code / Low-code

The no-code capabilities of Viso dramatically accelerate the development of a company’s AI vision applications at unprecedented levels of efficiency and flexibility.

AI Vision Applications

Build and manage a portfolio of computer vision applications. Build your app once, deploy it anywhere. Maintain and update easily, migrate to newer hardware.

Enterprise Capabilities

The enterprise capabilities of Viso are powered by the platform’s cloud-native and stateless architecture, which supports a variety of deployment options.

Hyperscale Infrastructure

Put the latest AI models and deep learning frameworks to use while building amazing applications with any hardware.

Openness and extensibility

Put the latest AI models and deep learning frameworks to use while building amazing applications with any hardware.

Security and privacy

Put the latest AI models and deep learning frameworks to use while building amazing applications with any hardware.

Getting Started
We have designed Viso Suite as no-code software so that it is quick and easy to learn. We offer training for newcomers that is as simple or as intense as they need.

Test Viso Suite before you invest.


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