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The Viso Suite architecture is a layered no-code ecosystem that enables developers to build computer vision applications fast, scalable, and future-proof.

Platform Architecture Layers

The top layer of the Viso architecture includes tools, a library, visual editor, processes, and components that are no-code ready. This allows removing the challenging aspects of computer vision and image processing, deep learning deployments, cross-platform integration, edge endpoint management, and application design and development.

This layer is based on an intelligent microservices layer for automating complex change management and integration processes, removing repetitive tasks and guesswork from application development, delivering security, code generation, and logging capabilities.

The underlying workspace infrastructure layer is decoupled from the development process, which enables it to offer robust, massively scalable infrastructure for the Viso Suite workspace.

architecture layers

Architecture Principles

The next-gen architecture of the no-code platform Viso Suite focuses on three core principles of modern computer vision software development: Speed, Scalability, and Agility.

Build Computer Vision Fast

The Viso Suite architecture enables developers to build complete and high-performing computer vision applications quickly and efficiently, with a visual development environment and tools that automate and accelerate the critical phases of the software development lifecycle.

  • Specialized no-code tools accelerate development by simplifying the complexity of creating computer vision applications and connecting hardware (cameras, edge devices, etc.) with software (AI frameworks, ML models, image processing, business logic).
  • Integration with all third-party enterprise systems, databases, and custom applications creates a flexible, scalable, and open environment built for fast development and change.
  • Pre-built applications eliminate extra work, enabling faster delivery of AI vision technology that performs well and is ready to scale.
  • In-product documentation guides developers through processes, accelerating the time to get started.
End-to-End Computer Vision

The Viso Suite architecture includes the integrated tools and infrastructure necessary to build modern, enterprise-grade applications that are secure, resilient, edge-ready, and built to scale.

  • Application services provide scalability, governance, and compliance to ensure applications perform as needed.
  • The full end-to-end process is secured with built-in security checks, strong encryption, and additional layers of security.
  • Real-time application and endpoint performance data help identify anything that needs to be corrected or optimized, which keeps costs down and performance high.
  • Edge Computer Vision capabilities enable privacy-preserving on-device processing.
Build Future-proof Applications

The Viso Suite architecture was designed to help business and IT teams manage change. Platform services, visual no-code tools, and hardware/software integration enable the continuous introduction of features and capabilities so developers can build applications that evolve quickly as business changes and technologies are introduced.

  • A continuous, built-in solution service checks for dependency issues and architecture errors. It provides team and architectural governance.
  • Innovative and evolving AI models and ML frameworks can be pulled in from the Viso Suite Marketplace and easily be integrated into applications.
  • Intelligent automation and pre-built modules enable business experts to create and change their workflows and processes easily.

Fully automated CI/CD pipelines and highly scalable infrastructure enable deployment, changes, and rollback of AI vision applications with a single click and govern them with role-based access management for all workspace areas.

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Why Viso Suite?

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision application platform to build, deploy, scale, and operate real-world AI vision applications. The intention of Viso Suite

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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