Abandoned Luggage

Automatically identify suspicious or dangerous objects placed in public places.

What Is Abandoned Luggage Detection?

Abandoned luggage detection is used to identify potentially dangerous items (suitcases or bags that could contain explosives or biological warfare) in public places.

Computer Vision uses state-of-the-art deep learning models for real time-automatic detection of abandoned luggage in video captured by surveillance cameras.

Features of Abandoned Object Detection

AI vision algorithms detect suspicious objects left unattended in a public area, such as airport terminals or train stations. Abandoned objects may contain dangerous items and pose a severe security threat.

  • Detection and Localization of unattended and suspicious objects in public places.
  • Classification of objects to determine the item type (suitcase, bag, etc.).
  • Condition-based notification to alert personnel in real-time.
  • Focus detection on specific areas within camera streams (regions of interest such as platforms, surfaces, elevators, etc.).
  • Edge AI allows for mission-critical image processing with on-device machine learning (private, scalable, offline robust).

Value of Suspicious Item Detection

Abandoned object detection for visual surveillance is an effective approach to identify whether specific regions contain abandoned objects.

  1. Increased security through automated and scalable detection of potential threats without requiring personnel to monitor video streams constantly.
  2. Scalable and objective monitoring of public areas, public transportation, and in schools or hospitals.
  3. Real-time early detection to assist humans in detecting suspicious items and organize an evacuation.
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September 20, 2021
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