Discover what you can build with Viso Suite

Viso Suite users have built applications to automate tasks with computer vision by using pre-built modules and templates in our visual editor.

Computer Vision applications built on Viso Suite

People counting

Automated counting of detected people passing a crossing line.

Detection in dangerous areas

Automated deep learning person detection in dangerous areas.

Face detection

Deep Learning models detect human faces automatically and in real-time.

Image Recognition and Object Detection
Object detection

Real-time object detection to recognize dangerous or damaged objects.

Crowd analytics

Detect people and people flow in areas to create dynamic footfall heatmaps.

Object Detection in Farming
Livestock detection

Automated livestock detection and activity monitoring with early warnings.

Real World Masked Face Dataset for Computer Vision
Mask detection

Computer Vision to detect if faces are covered with a mask.

Computer Vision to detect social distancing
Social distancing monitoring

Deep learning to analyze distances between detected people in real-time.

Pose Estimation with a video stream applied to a yoga pose
Recognize specific poses

Deep learning to recognize human poses such as stand, sit, walk.

viso suite retail
Track dwell time

Identify service times, queue detection and customer time spent in specific areas.

Detect stopping vehicles

Automated deep learning vehicle recognition, to detect dangerous events.

People in meeting room, example of object detection
Track occupancy

Person detection to track occupancy of multiple rooms and areas.