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Can I Collect Video Data for Training and Testing?

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The Viso platform allows recording videos for computer vision image annotation, using the same cameras and edge devices used to run the deep learning application after training.
Record video data for computer vision training

Can I use recorded video files?

Yes. Viso Suite provides functionality to process video recordings with deep learning methods. Therefore, video files can be used to simulate the video stream of a camera (camera virtualization). Viso Suite provides a built-in video data management system to upload and integrate videos that can be used in the application builder for simulating video input.

The ability to apply machine learning to a looped video is particularly useful in testing and prototyping. Video file input can be used for testing real-time applications before switching to a physical camera – with one click.

Can I record video files with Viso Suite?

Yes. Viso allows collecting video data in distributed systems with built-in data collection capabilities. You can use collected data for image annotation and model training, all within Viso Suite.

The platform allows collecting data with the same cameras used to run the application after training. This facilitates the video recording process and increases model performance, while only small datasets are needed for deep learning model training.


Viso Suite is designed with a strong focus on scalability. The underlying architecture supports scaling a simple computer vision application to a large-scale system.


The Viso Suite architecture is a layered no-code ecosystem that enables developers to build computer vision applications fast, scalable, and future-proof.

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