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After deciding on Viso Suite, organizations might not be sure of the next steps, and their teams are likely to have a number of questions. At, we know that there can be a great deal of uncertainty with new AI software, and we have spent the last 7 years answering all kinds of questions. Our experience has led us to make it easy to get started with Viso Suite.

We have designed Viso Suite as no-code software so that it is quick and easy to learn. And we offer training for newcomers that is as simple or as intense as they need. In addition, we offer a set of flexible support options because we are aware not everyone learns in the same way.

If an organization would like to try Viso Suite before they commit, that option is available. And, if building applications seems too overwhelming, we can handle that, too. Our team helps with everything you may need.

Where Do I Start With the Viso Suite Platform?

To start, request a guided product introduction tour. The Viso Team will answer all your questions and help you select the suitable workspace plan and support options for your organization.

In order to onboard new users, Viso provides a guided product introduction tour. After that, users can access their Viso Workspace that includes everything needed for Computer Vision in one place, without installing any software clients.

Viso provides free online training materials that are built in a modular fashion. This allows you to skip modules depending on your knowledge. You will be able to access the documentation directly from within the Viso Workspace.

Your organization can request a free evaluation access that provides all users unlimited access to the platform with managed cloud infrastructure.

How Can I Kick-start My Computer Vision Project?

The Viso Suite platform provides several templates as part of the onboarding process for creating new computer vision applications. They are available for everyone and ready to be used right away.

Templates are complete packages that can be used as a starting point when building a new application with Viso Suite. They already include the required assets to build towards a solution for a specific business case. Application templates provide deep learning models, application flow and modules, which will massively accelerate your computer vision development. Templates are continuously updated to the latest Viso version to include the latest and best features that Viso has to offer.

You can also create your own template and add it to your Workspace library to make them available as starting points for everyone in your organization. This way, they can be used to create the root model of all new applications while providing all the modules that are part of the application workflow.

How Does Viso Suite Onboard New Users?

The visual no-code development is fast and easy to understand for all types of users, which means that Viso onboards users with different knowledge levels on the platform.

During the signup, the workspace owner can follow a guided step-by-step tutorial. Viso provides a set of help methods, links to the online Viso Academy material, and a built-in widget to access the Viso Documentation without leaving the workspace. This guidance helps users to understand and navigate the extensive and powerful Viso Platform.

Edge AI for Computer Vision

Viso Suite leverages Edge Computing for Computer Vision to build highly efficient and scalable AI Vision applications that run at the edge.

What Computer Vision Tasks Can Viso Suite Be Used For?

Most computer vision systems are based on a combination of different techniques. Viso Suite provides extensive no-code and low-code capabilities to combine image recognition methods, traditional image processing, and deep neural networks.

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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