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Viso Suite is designed with a strong focus on scalability. The underlying architecture supports a wide range of options including vertical scalability and horizontal scalability that is adjustable to specific customer requirements. A simple computer vision application would then be able to grow to large cross-location deployment with thousands of endpoints connected without additional development.

To sustain high scalability, the Viso distributed architecture supports load balancing and removes single points of failure in the execution environment. Decentralized AI vision processing with machine-learning on distributed edge devices allows building reliable, large-scale deep learning applications.

Just enroll more edge devices or endpoints into your workspace. Everything is fully automated, all required systems are automatically installed and securely configured.

Alternatively, you can deploy your applications to virtual devices to simulate multiple endpoints in your datacenter or edge servers.

Who Can Develop With Viso Suite?

Anyone who understands development or computer vision can use Viso Suite, from business analysts with little programming experience to expert developers and anyone in-between.

AI Vision App Lifecycle

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision platform that provides an integrated set of no-code tools and services for managing the entire AI vision application lifecycle.

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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