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          Viso Suite is the most advanced no-code computer vision platform to build, deploy and scale your applications. It is trusted by leading Fortune Global companies.

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Evaluation Guide

How Can I Ensure Success With Adoption Plans

Table of Contents

Together with our partners, we provide adoption plans, training, consulting, enablement, and support services that ensure you accelerate time to value and achieve long-term success with Viso Suite.

Customer Success With Viso Suite

Your customer success manager will customize and oversee your adoption plan, from onboarding to maximum value. Typical activities might include the following:

  • Onboarding and adoption plan design
  • Goals and metrics tracking
  • Service coordination and oversight
  • Milestones and executive business reviews

Available Adoptions Plans

Every paid subscription includes a level of support from our Customer Success team to help with the overall success and adoption of Viso Suite. The activities are tailored to the needs and complexity of the adoption and are based on what we’ve learned from hundreds of computer vision applications built on Viso technology.

Because every organization has specific needs and timelines, we provide customer outcomes through three distinct approaches.

  • Educate: We teach you how to do it
    Educate resources through the Viso Academy, including training sessions, tutorials, documentation, guides, and introduction series.
    Focus: Enablement
  • Coach: We do it alongside you
    Expert and advisory services that enable resources while developing project-specific outputs.
    Focus: Enablement and Delivery
  • Build: We do it for you
    Delivery-based services that provide customer-specific outputs.
    Focus: Delivery

Extending Viso Suite

Viso Suite is extensible with a platform, environment, tools, and features that enable organizations to extend functionality with custom code and integrate with other systems.

Will I Hit a Wall When Developing?

Viso Suite is an open platform, and highly extensible. Organizations can extend all layers with their custom code, add AI models, and build software integrations.

Version and Source Control

The integrated version and source control of Viso enables teams to keep track of changes to applications or AI models and roll back to a previous version.

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