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Extending Viso Suite

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Viso Suite is extensible with a platform, environment, tools, and features that enable organizations to extend functionality, add custom code and machine learning models, develop functionalities and integrate with other systems or databases.

Extend Functionality

  • Extend the components: If the visual language used in the visual no-code programming of the Viso Builder is not expressive enough, additional components can be written using custom code. In addition, developers can search the Viso Marketplace for existing components to speed up development.
  • Develop custom modules: Developers can add their own modules to add building-blocks to the Viso Builder. The Viso Module Manager allows you to publish and manage versions of your custom module and easily update released applications using it. The built-in tools let developers add their own Docker containers, and manage the dependencies in one place.
  • Import your AI models: Machine Learning engineers can import and version their custom-trained ML models with Viso Suite to use them for building computer vision applications.

Integrate Functionality

  • Integrate with existing systems: In the Viso Builder, it is possible to integrate with third-party systems such as SAP or web services. If there is functionality that is not supported, there are hooks available to extend the integration with custom code.
  • Integrate with your databases: Viso Suite is designed to be independent of the database you use. The Viso Platform provides a fully managed, built-in database for file storage and timeseries data. But we also support the most common enterprise-grade database systems to store visual data such as images, videos, or datasets. You can use the real-time metrics from distributed computer vision applications in external dashboards and BI tools. Of course, the easiest way is to use the built-in Viso Dashboard Builder, which provides enterprise-grade BI capabilities out of the box.

Who Can Develop With Viso Suite?

Anyone who understands development or computer vision can use Viso Suite, from business analysts with little programming experience to expert developers and anyone in-between.

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