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How Does Viso Suite Provide Horizontal Scalability?

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Horizontal scaling (scaling out an application) refers to adding additional nodes or machines to your infrastructure to cope with new demands. For horizontal scalability, Viso Suite makes it very easy to add additional edge devices to the production environment. In your Viso Suite workspace, you can enroll thousands of nodes/endpoints using the fully automated and built-in device management.

Add additional computers or server instances and run distributed computer vision applications with powerful on-device image processing. The distributed processing approach (Edge AI) allows scaling workloads to support high-performance AI vision processing tasks that otherwise require expensive cloud computing resources and bandwidth.

Your Viso Suite workspace can handle a growing number of endpoints to which you deploy your computer vision applications.

The horizontal scalability helps in the following scenarios:

  • Scaling out computer vision applications
  • Distributed workloads with distributed systems
  • Increased video data volume with multiple cameras streams
  • Increased business logic complexity
  • Decentralization and robustness of mission-critical applications
  • Location-based data privacy with on-site data processing
Instant Installation and Automatic Enrolling

Once the Viso Suite workspace is set up, you can enroll single or a batch of endpoints, either physical or virtual machines, to the workspace. The Viso Suite deployment engine automatically installs all software infrastructure securely to each of those endpoints. No manual downloading and installing or coding is required, and no user data is stored locally in one single endpoint.

This allows teams to distribute applications built with Viso Suite to one or multiple endpoints at the click of a button. This increases the redundancy and availability of the system. In case of a catastrophic failure, it’s easy to safely replace any of the enrolled endpoints.

Centralized Endpoint Management

All endpoints in the Viso Suite workspace will log to the same centralized cloud system for efficient monitoring and remote troubleshooting directly from within the cloud workspace.

Automated Resources Optimization and Management

When building and managing distributed Edge AI systems, developers are typically expected to follow the best development practices and ensure minimal resources are consumed. It is critical to safely manage a fleet of connected devices that can be online and offline during deployments. Unfortunately, a small mistake can take the whole system down.

Viso manages the entire Cloud-to-Edge infrastructure fully automatically, and efficiently, assuring no connection is left open. Viso Suite manages resources intelligently so that the system can get the most out of them. This alone reduces the risk of the system collapsing dramatically by removing human errors from the equation. It further helps to build highly scalable computer vision systems and without the need for technical knowledge for performance optimization.

High System Availability

The load balancer automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple cloud servers to spread the request load from a high number of endpoints. Our systems automatically detect unhealthy endpoints in the production environment to detect issues early in large-scale AI vision systems. The built-in health monitoring of all cloud and edge systems increases the application availability of all applications drastically.

Container Management

Viso Suite standardizes system administration around container technology to provide benefits for horizontal and automatic scaling and deployment, and high availability through an automated container orchestrator.

What Computer Vision Tasks Can Viso Suite Be Used For?

Most computer vision systems are based on a combination of different techniques. Viso Suite provides extensive no-code and low-code capabilities to combine image recognition methods, traditional image processing, and deep neural networks.

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