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How Does Viso Suite Provide Scalability for Multiple Teams in Large Organizations?

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For the scalability needed to support organizations with multiple teams and departments, organizations can manage multiple Viso Suite workspaces.

Create Additional User Roles

Viso allows workspace administrators to create a high number of custom user roles. The ability to create a granular permission and user management system that maps the hierarchy of complex organizations provides a high level of flexibility.

The built-in user and role management allows team leaders to add and manage users for their workspace area individually, without depending on the workspace administrator.

Scale to Multiple Workspaces

Built-in tools for developers allow collaboration across multiple workspaces while keeping data and applications isolated on a workspace level. Viso allows to seamlessly export and import applications in between workspaces and manages the complexity of dependency management, workflows, storage, libraries, and more.

With a Viso user account, every user can be invited to join multiple workspaces and easily switch between them to collaborate and work in different environments.

Does Help Customers Build Applications?

Depending on the individual needs, Viso enables organizations to build computer vision on their own and also provides a range of expert services, from advisory to full solution development services.

Platform Runtime

The Viso Suite platform runtime layer automatically provisions, configures, and tunes an organization’s infrastructure for high performance, availability, security, and reliability.

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