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The lifecycle management capabilities of Viso Suite are at the cornerstone of our customers’ success and a critical factor in sustaining large AI vision systems as they grow – without compromising productivity or scalability.

Viso Suite supports the entire application lifecycle as follows:

  • Deployment: One-click deploys the computer vision application to endpoints, either physical edge devices or virtual endpoints in the cloud. The Viso deployment console and integrated dependency management engine allow to safely roll out applications.
  • Operations and Analytics: All deployed Viso applications and distributed systems of endpoints are automatically monitored. Integrated automated health checks ensure a healthy state for all running applications and guide the team to the most critical issues. Dynamic analytical dashboards enable real-time monitoring on application and hardware-level. Viso Suite provides a set of tools to enable remote troubleshooting of endpoints, a key component of distributed computer vision deployments.
  • Management: Viso Suite provides a complete device management to enroll and manage a large number of connected edge devices for deployment (endpoints). Configuration management of running applications and identity management are handled by Viso Suite.

The full lifecycle management capabilities simplify the deployment of complex computer vision systems to production without the need for scripting, separated tools, or manual tasks. Viso enables teams to benefit from the continuous delivery that ultimately fosters the productive collaboration between the business and IT.

Extending Viso Suite

Viso Suite is extensible with a platform, environment, tools, and features that enable organizations to extend functionality with custom code and integrate with other systems.

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