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Platform Runtime

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The Viso Suite platform runtime layer automatically provisions, configures and tunes an organization’s infrastructure for high performance, availability, security, and reliability.


Cloud Infrastructure Provider

The physical infrastructure of the Viso Cloud is hosted in the secure data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market leader and most mature public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It provides enterprise-grade availability with guaranteed service levels of 99.9%, and it is the IaaS technology that has been accredited by the largest number of security compliance standards.


Multi-tenant Architecture

The support for multi-tenancy, hosting multiple customers (or tenants) efficiently in the platform layer while keeping all workspaces isolated, is a basic aspect of Viso Suite. Multi-tenancy is provided by the underlying microservice architecture of Viso.

AI Vision App Lifecycle

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision platform that provides an integrated set of no-code tools and services for managing the entire AI vision application lifecycle.

Why Viso Suite?

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision application platform to build, deploy, scale, and operate real-world AI vision applications. The intention of Viso Suite

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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