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What Expert Services Are Available With Viso Suite?

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Viso Suite users get access to professional services provided by our team of solution specialists and AI engineers. Leverage our experience in best practices, our proven application development methodology through education services, expert coaching, and expert services.

Viso provides the following types of services to cover different needs:

  • Expert Services: Assessments, Installations, Technical Design, Hands-on Sessions
  • Delivery Services: Project Vision, Project Kick-Start, Coaching and Co-Delivery
  • Advisory Services: Governance and Best Practices, Adoption Programs
  • Education Services: Online Training, Bootcamps, Specializations

Professional Services Credits

Professional Services Credit provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase services. The credits allow you to budget for expert services and education upfront and use the credits as needed. The credits provide a flexible and convenient way to minimize the administrative effort and increase efficiency.

Expert Services provides the following types of services, covering different customer needs.

  • Application Development: Best practices and troubleshooting regarding Application Development, particularly related to Computer Vision systems.
  • Architecture: Best Practices for designing and evolving the architecture of a computer vision system, or set of applications, with scaling and performance in mind.
  • Platform: All platform-related subjects, including the best practices for configuration, upgrades, workspace set-up, health checks, troubleshooting, and analysis.
  • Security and Privacy: Infrastructure and application security and privacy best practices.
  • Image Annotation: Computer Vision image annotation, dataset creation, and AI model training.

Delivery Services

We provide Delivery, Co-delivery, and services supporting the delivery:

  • Project Vision: We support the customer in the discovery phase to better define what needs to be developed and how.
  • Project Kick Start: We support and enable the customer during the first weeks of project development.
  • Project Solution Release & Support: We support and enable the customer during the go-live phase
  • Project Co-Delivery: A team to design, build, integrate, test, and deploy an application while we enable your team.
  • Project Delivery: A team to design, build, integrate, test, and deploy an application.

Advisory Services

We provide Advisory Services to help you use Viso Suite in the best possible way:

  • Business Vision: Provide a high-level plan of how to map a company’s business requirements in Viso Suite
  • Industry Insights: Computer Vision application strategy
  • Adoption Services: Foundation Training, Adoption Program Management

Education Services

We provide customers with the knowledge required to successfully deliver applications with the Viso Suite platform.

  • Guided Paths: Self-paced online learning, documentation, and tutorials
  • Training: Personal, remote classroom training and hands-on sessions

Who Can Develop With Viso Suite?

Anyone who understands development or computer vision can use Viso Suite, from business analysts with little programming experience to expert developers and anyone in-between.

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