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How Long Does It Take To Learn Viso Suite?

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Viso is easy to learn for people with a computer vision or development background, as well as for those with other backgrounds like business analysts or innovation managers.

Time To Learn Viso Suite

Developers can become productive in as little time as one week because Viso Suite uses no-code and low-code tools, intuitive interfaces, and familiar software development concepts that developers already know if they have used other technologies.

Basic programming acumen and a basic understanding of computer vision concepts are all that is required to master Viso Suite out of the box.

Less than a weekLess than two weeksTwo or more weeks
Solution architectsX
Business analystsX
Computer Vision engineers
ML engineers


As a no-code platform, Viso Suite abstracts the complexity of the underlying technologies, which include Node.js, Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, TSDB, C#, MQTT, Redis, Docker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenVINO, OpenCV, scikit-learn, and many more.

Professionals who are not skilled in all these technologies become productive in as little as a month. Seasoned developers will quickly see productivity gains as they learn to build platform extensions and reusable components (modules, AI models) that provide the products of their skills in the underlying technologies.

The Benefits of Learning Viso Suite

Although Viso Suite is easy and fast to learn, it does require some effort and some change in teams. So, why should someone even bother to try?

More Time to Focus On What Matters

For experienced developers, Viso Suite becomes another skill they will master and leverage to achieve business goals faster. The mindset of a developer who is using Viso Suite will always be to get to the bottom line, using creativity and intelligence to solve the business problem.

This is because they do not have to concern themselves with managing massive amounts of code, database scripts, deployment plans, dependency analysis, maintenance, cross-platform compatibility, integrations, and all the things that distract from truly developing an application.

Fast Ramp-up and Easy Team Rotation

Viso Suite code is the visual model, and it is no-code! In that sense, abstraction is much higher, and “coding” standards (modeling standards) are established and used by all developers equally. Developers can change and update the application safely without worrying about where it might break. Every computer vision system built with Viso Suite is future-proof by design.

Developers can be ramped up quickly, and rotating team members between projects or in different areas of a project becomes simpler. After a team of developers have learned Viso Suite, rotating people between projects takes only a few days.


Viso Suite is designed with a strong focus on scalability. The underlying architecture supports scaling a simple computer vision application to a large-scale system.

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