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How The Intel AI Builders Program Leverages Computer Vision in 2021


Viso Suite is the all-in-one solution for teams to build, deliver, scale computer vision applications.

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Viso Suite is the world’s only end-to-end computer vision platform. Request a demo.

AI Vision Expert viso.ai Joined the Intel AI Builders Program

Viso.ai and Intel team up through the Intel AI Builders program, an ecosystem of leading global AI software providers. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence across the globe.

We aim to deliver powerful and disruptive solutions for AI computer vision applications enabling businesses to use and deliver AI vision at scale.

The Intel AI Builders program is an ecosystem of industry-leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and enterprise end-users who have a shared mission to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence across Intel platforms.

The Intel AI portfolio includes AI hardware such as the AI accelerator Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 and software tools that span use cases and edge-to-cloud implementations, rooted in extensive data science and research expertise.


How Intel AI Builders Leverages Computer Vision

Viso.ai is the world’s first Edge AI platform for Computer Vision, enabling businesses across industries to use AI with visuals to automate their operations at ease.

Viso.ai is a Swiss technology company that builds next-gen infrastructure to deliver computer vision applications. We’ve built a low-code AI vision platform to dramatically simplify Computer Vision. The technology of viso.ai brings AI vision down to the level of not needing to be an expert to use it. Businesses of every size use our software platform to build and deliver AI vision applications and make computers see better than humans.

Our goal is to make AI vision technology widely accessible to businesses with the know-how to disrupt their industry. Therefore, viso.ai provides software to leverage Intel’s cutting-edge AI hardware and vision processing units (VPUs) to build real-world applications.

“Viso.ai is pleased to join the Intel AI Builders program to help drive the adoption of AI-based computer vision solutions. Cutting-edge technology such as Intel Movidius and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO supports our vision to enable the fast and broad deployment of computer vision technology through our cloud-based platform”, said Gaudenz Bösch and Nico Klingler, founders at viso.ai and Swiss AI pioneers.

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