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Computer Vision is the most mature field of artificial intelligence. It employs machine learning, in particular deep learning, to make computers see and process visual data generated by cameras.

AI Vision Is Highly Disruptive

Vision is the most important sense that underlies every single human activity. Hence, the ability to automate human vision with computers opens up massive commercial opportunities across every sector in the economy.

Computer Vision will transform organizations across industries, from healthcare and logistics to retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. As we are entering the era of AI, companies with physical operations need to be able to use AI vision to survive in a data-driven world.

What Is AI Vision Adoption?

Despite the potential of AI vision to drive significant value, many organizations are failing in their efforts. According to McKinsey & Company, fewer than 20% of enterprises achieve sustained value from their transformation initiatives. In contrast, the success rate of customers approaches 100%. Common across these successful experiences is the use of an end-to-end AI platform.

However, the adoption of AI Vision is more than disjoint projects that rarely progress beyond prototypes. It is characterized by:

  • Scale: Organizations deploy multiple computer vision applications across their entire value chain. Vertical and horizontal scalability is critical for success.
  • Value: Computer vision systems are focused on high-value use cases that drive significant economic, social, and/or environmental impact.
  • Repeatability: The systematic and repeatable application of AI vision leverages a common set of development and infrastructure to address a broad range of use cases.

What Is the Viso Vision?

The Viso Vision is to enable organizations to be successful in creating and operating computer vision applications that deliver enormous business value in a sustainable way. Despite a sea of platforms and tools available today, companies struggle to adopt computer vision.

We believe that traditional development methods are not suitable to overcome the high complexity, cross-platform integration, and collaboration challenges of Computer Vision adoption. The shift from piloting to operationalizing Computer Vision is difficult. Because development and infrastructure are expensive, delays and requirement changes lead to budget overruns. In many cases, solutions later turn out not to be extensible, scalable and/or flexible enough.

The Viso Suite platform provides revolutionary no-code technology enabling businesses to develop, test, deploy and operate their entire portfolio of AI vision applications in one place, dramatically faster, and much more efficiently. We believe this is absolutely necessary for businesses to compete and survive as we enter the era of AI.


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