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          Viso Suite is the most advanced no-code computer vision platform to build, deploy and scale your applications. It is trusted by leading Fortune Global companies.

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Viso Academy

The Viso Academy is your guide to building Computer Vision on Viso Suite. Free learning resources cover everything you need to get started — from navigating the workspace to expert features.


New to Viso? Get started with our introductory video courses.


Walk through the process of creating and running Computer Vision apps.

Explore Use cases

Find powerful Computer Vision ideas and use cases across industries.

Basic Tutorials

Get started with Viso Suite, create a Viso Account and set up a Workspace.

Viso Suite

Getting Started Tutorial

Viso Suite

Create a Viso Account

Viso Suite

Create a Viso Workspace

Viso Suite

Basic Concepts

Viso Suite

Invite users to the Workspace

Viso Suite

Manage user roles and access

Workspace Tutorials

Learn how to build, deploy and monitor computer vision applications.

Viso Suite

Create a new Computer Vision application

Viso Suite

Add more modules to your Workspace

Viso Suite

Add an application template

Viso Suite

Enroll a device to the workspace

Viso Suite

Create a new deployment profile

Viso Suite

Deploy a profile to edge devices

Viso Suite

Remotely monitor the device

Viso Suite

Use the Device Management

Viso Suite

Manage your custom dashboards

Module Guides

Install modules to your workspace and use them to build applications. Importing pre-built applications will automatically install the required modules.

Viso Suite

Object Detection

Viso Suite

Object Counting

Viso Suite

Group Keypoint Detection - Human Pose

Viso Suite

Image Classification

Viso Suite

Object Tracking

Viso Suite

Object Flow - Activity Heatmap

Viso Suite

Fall Detection

Viso Suite

Posture Recognition

Viso Suite

Object Segmentation

Video Modules

Viso Suite

Video Input Tools - Region of Interest (ROI), Dewarping

Viso Suite

Video Feed - IP Camera, Webcam, Video File

Viso Suite

Video Output Tools - Video Preview, Video Recording

Get a coach and accelerate your learning

Meet our expert Viso Suite coaches to help you in your journey. Get in touch to learn more.

Tech Company Team

Viso Suite Bootcamp

Our courses introduce Viso Suite's key features and functions, guide you through the process of building and developing an MVP of a Computer Vision application.

Led by Nico
Company Team Meeting

Solution building service

Viso experts help you with building, deploying and monitoring your MVP Computer Vision application. Our services help you to deliver custom projects faster.

Led by Russel
Computer Vision APIs

Custom modules

The developers who built Viso Suite extend your Viso Suite Editor with a custom module. This is an easy way to integrate your own software with Viso Suite.

Led by Gerard

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