Build any Computer Vision application without code.

Viso Suite is an end-to-end platform to build, deploy and scale computer vision applications with automated tools. Power high-performing, robust and secure systems 10x faster.

Use pre-built modules and AI algorithms

Viso Suite lets you create and scale real-time computer vision and deep learning systems. It includes all the software you need. Use next-gen computer vision tech that Facebook, Google, Tesla and Uber use.

Real world deep learning application with video cameras

Object Detection

Object Counting

Keypoints detected by OpenPose on the Coco Dataset

Keypoint detection

YOLOR Object detection algorithm for multi-task learning

Image Classification

Pose estimation in real-time with cameras

Human Pose

Face Detection with Deep Learning Methods

Face Detection

Area Detection Computer Vision in Retail


Computer Vision Heatmap Example

Activity Heatmap

viso suite retail

Object Tracking

video analytics to detect a stopped vehicle

Regions of Interest

Mask R-CNN Demo Sample

Object Segmentation

Real-time video human pose detection

Fall Detection

Use pre-built modules to build applications, for any computer vision task and use case.

With every module, choose the AI model you want to use from a drop-down list.

Use the latest, best-performing AI models for deep learning – or import your own.

Build and update with a visual no-code editor, 10x faster

Create and update real-time computer vision applications intuitively, using pre-built modules in a visual editor. Build out logic, wire together multiple cameras and computer vision modules.

Play Video

The visual editor makes it much faster and easier to create and maintain applications.

Skip manually writing code from scratch and develop without integration hassles.

Use pre-made application templates to learn Viso Suite and start even faster.

Deploy computer vision apps at scale

Put your computer vision to use in real-world settings. Deploy your real-time applications to computers and process the video feeds of digital cameras in real-time. On-device deep learning enables fast, efficient, offline and privacy preserving AI.

Platform to manage edge devices for AI inferencing

Easily enroll and manage computers. Process with CPU, GPU or AI accelerators. (VPU, TPU).

Use the video stream of any digital surveillance camera or webcam to provide the visual input.

Deploy applications safely to multiple devices. Release new versions at the click of a button.

Monitor application data in dashboards

Viso Suite makes it easy to gather the insights of your deployed applications in the cloud. Visualize and monitor your applications in cloud dashboards with interactive charts and dynamic filters.

Computer Vision Dashboard

Easily gather and use the data output from deployed applications in the cloud.

Use a no-code dashboard builder to create multiple dashboards to visualize app data.

Design dashboards visually. Use a wide range of pre-built widgets that are easy to customize.

Manage the entire app life-cycle on robust, hosted infrastructure

Never worry about integrations, maintenance or infrastructure. Stay secure and private, test changes safely with version control. Scale up from a demo to enterprise grade systems.

Set up user accounts, manage invitations and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Assign user roles, manage user access to data and applications. Add custom user roles.

We use AWS AES-256 to encrypt data at rest and SHA256 RSA SSL for data in transit.

All-in-one platform for Computer Vision

Deliver real-world Computer Vision applications with industry-leading AI vision algorithms – in one single platform.

  • Computer Vision modules
  • Deep Learning AI models
  • Visual programming
  • Edge devices, cross-platform
  • Full device management
  • Deployment manager
  • Built-in data connectors
  • Real-time app metrics
  • Custom dashboards
  • Cloud workspace
  • User access management
  • Security and encryption
All-in-one platform to build Computer Vision 10x faster, implement any solution with automated tools.

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