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Unique and powerful suite of software for visual AI to build, deploy and operate your own visual AI applications.

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How it works

The Viso Suite is the most powerful way to use AI vision technologies. Industry-agnostic, hardware-agnostic, high-performing and truly scalable.

Access from everywhere

Connect to your workspace remotely. Manage users and devices at ease. Share relevant information across the organization.

Key Features

Learn what makes the leading computer vision implementation platform.

Real Time Information

Receive notification and important insights about events in real-time.

Any Computer Vision Algorithm

Use pre-built or integrate with tools like OpenCV, OpenVino, TensorFlow, Cuda

Any Camera Hardware

Use all kind of cameras with either Ethernet/IP or USB interface.

Any Computing Hardware

Use the system OS and edge computers that suits your purpose the best.

Visualization and Analytics

Track business-relevant metrics in live dashboards and scheduled reports.

Train your own Algorithm

Build and enhance your own deep learning algorithms at ease.

Drag & Drop Rule Engine

Intuitively set-up automation rules to digitize existing business processes.

Unlimited Users and Devices

Organize devices at scale and manage role-based access permissions.

Customize Look & Feel

Adjust the design and colors of your workspace to customize the experience.

System Integration API

Seamlessly connect with local systems or third-party systems in the cloud.

Report Management

Gather and organize relevant data using custom build reports.

Modular Update and Deploy

Modular solution building to constantly deploy on cutting-edge hardware.

Build a solution rapidly

Build an AI vision application in your own cloud workspace. Use any hardware in combination with an AI algorithm to detect people, objects, behavior, situations and much more. You dont need to be a developer.

Deploy to an unlimited number of devices

Manage thousands of devices in your workspace through cloud and mobile. Upgrade the hardware dynamically and scale as your organization grows.

Operate & automate your business in real-time

Set up workflows and rules to turn data into insights. Automated notifications, powerful visualizations and customized reports. Integrate with existing systems.

Businesses use visual Artificial Intelligence with to disrupt their industries.

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Integrate with popular apps, seamlessly.

Viso Suite integrates with reliable third-party business solutions. You can directly integrate the data of your AI vision application.

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