Viso Suite for Technology Companies

Computer Vision platform for technology companies

Viso Suite provides technology companies with the most advanced tools and infrastructure for Computer Vision. Use Viso Suite to build, deliver and manage custom AI vision products.

Low-code development for Computer Vision

All-In-One platform to power AI vision applications

We work with integrating AI algorithms, software and hardware for Computer Vision so businesses that run on Viso don’t have to. Viso Suite is an AI vision platform that provides a “Full-Stack” Solution to dramatically simplify AI vision.

Device Management
Database Connector
BI Analytics
Deep Learning
Serving Containers
Multi Streaming
Open CV
Computer Vision
Business Analytics
Data Storage
Version Control
Server Infrastructure
Edge Computing
Rule Engine
Visual Programming
Third-party integrations
Roles & permissions
VPU Computing
Update Management
Local Configuration
Camera Integration
People Detection
Container Architecture
User Management
Open Pose
Fleet Monitoring
GPU Computing
Developer Support
Auto Scaling
Custom Dashboards
Visual Streams
IP Cameras
Intelligent Edge
AI Processing
Object Detection
UI Customization
Pre-trained AI Models
Frame Pre-Processing
Device Health
Remote updates
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Build AI vision

Create your Computer Vision applications

Technology companies use Viso Suite to power Computer Vision solutions for all kind of use cases. Use visual on-device AI to detect and track objects, people or animals. Build and deliver highly scalable, smart, autonomous systems. Powerful on-device AI inference allows for highest privacy, performance and efficiency.

Use the visual programming tools of Viso Suite to visually create and optimize AI vision applications. Find a problem worth solving, and solve it.

Deep Learning Object Detection
People Counting

Count the number of visitors that pass a specific area or enter a location. Fully anonymously, and at high accuracy.

Deep Learning Pose Estimation
Footfall Analytics

Automatically track the path of people over time. Analyze the footfall at the POS of multiple locations.

Computer Vision for Technology Companies
Deploy AI vision apps

Tools for tech companies to deploy Computer Vision at scale

No need to re-invent the wheel, the Viso Suite platform provides you with fully integrated tools and managed architecture for Computer Vision. Roll-out and scale your on-device Deep Learning application to a high number of endpoints. Viso Suite supports a wide range of computing devices and AI hardware accelerators

Deploy your AI vision application to edge servers connected to a camera and process the video feed of cameras in real-time. Use integrated device management and deployment tools to release application updates at the push of a button.

Monitor App Metrics

Integrated analytics dashboards for application metrics

The platform provides technology businesses with tools to set up custom dashboards for the monitoring of Computer Vision Systems. Gather application metrics from all the connected device endpoints. Set up conditional rules to send metrics as output from the edge devices to the cloud. Use chart widgets to create custom dashboards. Visualize the collected data from your deployed application.

Viso Suite Dashboard Metrics

Business benefits for technology companies to power Computer Vision with Viso Suite

Viso Suite is a complete solution for technology companies and service providers to develop and power next-gen AI vision products. We’ve solved the hard problems, so you can focus on your application, not your infrastructure.

10x faster innovation

Shorten your development cycles to weeks instead of years. Move from MVP to Production fast.

High-scale solutions

Use AI Vision in large use-cases. Deploy to thousands of devices. Collect analytics in the cloud.

Everything in one place

All you need in one Suite. No need for fragmented tools that are hard to integrate and scale.

Endless possibilities

Simply exchange modules to update Software or Hardware. Don't invest in legacy systems.

Low-code, visual tools

Visual drag-and-drop Editor, with low-code/no-code tools. Seamlessly integrated.


Keep user data private by performing all inferences locally and on-device.

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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