Why Viso Suite

The One AI Vision Platform

Simplify AI vision development with the One Computer Vision Platform
Instead of pulling together point solutions for every step in the lifecycle
And constantly juggling all those tools and platforms
Your team can focus on delivering next-gen AI vision applications
It's time for a complete solution that does it all
The One Computer Vision Platform
The One Computer Vision Platform for No Code Development
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What makes Viso different

It covers all stages of the AI vision lifecycle

From data collection and model training to app development, edge deployment and monitoring, Viso Suite has you covered.

All AI vision capabilities in one solution

Viso Suite gives you everything from image processing, deep learning, camera and hardware integration, and much more.

No-code and low-code across all tools

Viso Suite provides powerful No code capabilities making it much faster and easier for professionals.

Security and compliance are built-in

With Viso Suite, you can implement cutting edge security and compliance for computer vision applications.

A platform for all to collaborate

Viso Suite was built for both IT and business teams, to collaborate efficiently and keep moving projects forward.

It's future-proof and platform independent

Viso Suite allows running on different platforms, using any camera, various edge hardware, and any ML framework.

Enterprise-scale solutions

  • Edge fleet manager
  • Mass device enrollment
  • Automated IoT diagnosis
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Configuration management
  • Multiple applications
  • Deployment environments
  • Operational synergies
  • Learning effects
  • Password policies
  • Session management
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Custom user roles
  • Limited guest access
  • Elastic cloud workspace
  • Automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Release orchestration
  • Auto dependency management
  • Version control and roll backs
  • End-to-end activity traceability
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Region-based application versions
  • Process controls, segregation of duties
  • Full application design control
  • Ensure full data privacy
  • Isolated cloud workspaces
  • Dedicated edge fleets
  • Cross-tenancy, shared assets
  • Separated deployment groups
  • Workspace environments

All-in-one platform to dramatically simplify real world computer vision

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