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          Viso Suite is the most advanced no-code computer vision platform to build, deploy and scale your applications. It is trusted by leading Fortune Global companies.

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Viso Suite
Evaluation Guide

Will I Hit a Wall When Developing?

Table of Contents

People asking this question have often just experienced our visual application development editor or seen a demo and are concerned whether they will be able to include their own code.

They are worried that they will encounter platform limitations later in the development process that will prevent them from building enterprise-grade computer vision applications, designing high-performance deep learning systems, or integrating with the myriad of systems, hardware, and databases that exist in their environment.

Viso Suite Is an Open Platform

Viso Suite is open by design, built to allow all layers of applications to be extended with your own code: vision input, AI model and framework, processing logic, database, and integration.

In addition, Viso Suite offers built-in services to integrate your own software containers and custom modules with your own configuration interface.

Extend All Layers With Your Own Code

Viso Suite is highly extensible across all layers:

  • Modules: Extend the user interface with building blocks and add-ons that provide functionality in the Visual Builder. We constantly add more modules to the Viso Marketplace. Alternatively, you can easily build and manage your custom modules.
  • AI models: Import, manage and version your own custom AI models and pre-trained models. If you need to train a custom AI algorithm, Viso Suite even provides a complete environment for image annotation.
  • Containers: Seamlessly integrate and use your own docker software containers within applications. Viso automates dependency management, so you can update externally managed containers.
  • Database Connectors: Connect applications to external databases using pre-built integrations. You can easily store data externally, use event-driven Viso applications to send JSON data to another existing system.
  • Hardware Integration: Viso Suite supports a wide range of hardware out of the box. However, developers can also create custom modules to integrate additional processing hardware, such as novel processors or special cameras.

Learn more about the extensibility of Viso Suite.

Why Viso Suite?

Viso Suite is the only end-to-end computer vision application platform to build, deploy, scale, and operate real-world AI vision applications. The intention of Viso Suite

The Viso Vision

The Viso Vision is to enable organizations to be successful in creating and operating computer vision applications that deliver enormous business value in a sustainable way.

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